Business- and reservation-conditions


The system

The GUTA-Hotel-StandBy-system is a hotel reservation system for short-term reservations - a last-minute system. Reservations have to be made three days before the arrival at the earliest.

The GUTA-StandBy hotel-voucher 

There are one-night-StandBy hotel-vouchers and annual hotel-vouchers and these are the tickets to the GUTA-Hotel-StandBy-system. GUTA forwards all contractional discounts directly to its customers and finances itself by selling hotel-vouchers. When the hotel-voucher is sold, it has a validity of at least 12 months. The date of validity is printed at the bottom of the hotel-voucher. Within this term, one-night hotel-vouchers might be expanded for further 12 months - for an additional fee of EURO 6,00. There will be no substitude for expired hotel-vouchers.

How to book

First of all, ask at the contract-hotel of your choice, if you may reserve a room on GUTA-StandBy at your chosen date. It can make sense to check your reservation by fax and ask for a confirmation by the hotel. Please show the a. m. confirmation andyour hotel-voucher at the reception after the arrival at the hotel. If you have one-night hotel-vouchers, you will need one per night per room (even when you stay with two persons in a double-room). The voucher(s) will be collected at the reception and you can take over your room afterwards. The annual StandBy-hotel-voucher will be handd back after it was shown to the receptionists, as it is a property of the hotel-guest.

Attention !

The check-in and take over of the hotel-room without indication to the GUTA-StandBy-system allows the hotel to charge the regular rate.


With the GUTA-StandBy-rate, you are paying, if not stated differently, only the cost for the room. Breakfast and other aditional services are not included in the GUTA-StandBy-rate. The GUTA-StandBy-rates are cash-prices. Payment with cheques, credit-card or other legal tenders may cause an additional fee. You have to verify that at the hotel, if necessary. Within the long term of validity of the hotel-vouchers, some rates may change. We advise you to have the rates confirmed by the hotel when you make your reservation.


The GUTA UG retains the right, to delete or replace hotels. Due to that, the hotel-guide contains all contract-hotels which join the system when printing the hotel-guide. This should be self-explanatory, but......

....we would like to refer to the point that the thing about the GUTA-StandBy-system is to offer extremely reasonably priced overnight reservations within our hotel-network, that is spread over most parts of Middle-Europe. As a result, the GUTA UG can be used either for business-, weekend- or round-trips. Of course, the GUTA UG can not assurea reservation-garanty in our contract-hotels at all time. Your chosen contract-hotel will always give you a warm welcome, as long as the required room is available at the date of your choice.