Following the FAQs and their answers about the hotel-reservation-system and its function.

What is GUTA-StandBy ?

A last-minute hotel reservation-system and sowith a system, that rewards short-term reservations with discounts. Short-term means at GUITA a reservation three days before the arrival. To make it clear:

You can make a room reservation three days before the arrival at the earliest - not later than 10 minutes before you take over the room and within this timeframe.

Is that something new ?

No. The GUTA-Hotel-StandBy-system was "born" in 1993. Invented for the business-travellers of the readers of a well known German trade journal called DVVA (Deutscher Vertriebs- und Verkaufs-Anzeiger, also issued by GUTA), the GUTA-Hotel-StandBy-system has crossed those "borders" long ago and is used nowadays by 55.000 business-travellers of all kinds and a huge amount of occasional travellers.

Which advantage do I have using GUTA-StandBy ?

Only one, but this as often as you use the system, the bargain. GUTA makes contracts with hotels with standarised price-conditions. With GUTA-StandBy you get a discount of 60 % on the regular room-rate. This affects only the cost for overnight reservations without special services like breakfast, minibar, etc.

Do I have to become a club-member to use the system ?

No. The GUTA-Hotel-StandBy-system is open for everyone who has bought the "tickets", the so-called GUTA-hotel-vouchers. Those can be bought as sets, starting at 5 pieces up to 50 pieces each and as annual hotel-vouchers for private and professional use.

Due to the huige discounts, that are passed fully to our customers, GUTA does not get any comission by the hotel. The system finances itself only by selling the hotel-vouchers. That means, that we work completely for our customers, the hotel-guest.

How does the system work with the daily routine ?

Assuming, that you are in possesion of GUTA-hotel-vouchers and the GUTA hotel-guide, you call the hotel and reserve the needed room(s) in reference to GUTA-StandBy.

On the day of your arrival, you leave the hotel-voucher at the recepion. One-night hotel-vouchers will be collected. If you have an annual StandBy-hotel-voucher, your card-number will be noted. You take over your room. When you leave, you pay only the GUTA-rate and be happy.

What, if the hotel is completely booked ?

This happens very seldom nowadays. In busy areas we have several contract-hotels in one city, so that you can choose, where to stay. If there is a big event or an exhibition and reservation in the city-center is not possible, GUTA-StandBy offers hotel-rooms in the near surrounding If evrything is completely booked, you could not have made a reservation anyway, not even at the regular rate.

Attention !
The check-in and take over of the hotel-room without indication to the GUTA-StandBy hotel-voucher allows the hotel to charge the regular rate