Welcome to the GUTA-Hotel-StandBy-System 

The GUTA-Hotel-StandBy-System saves you 60 % of your overnight reservations !

How it works ? We are a hotel-reservation-System for short-term reservations - A Last-Minute-System.

Short instruction:

  • buy hotel-vouchers
  • choose hotel
  • reserve a room 3 days before your arrival, at the earliest
  • hand over the voucher - take over the room
  • pay the GUTA-rate when you leave
  • be happy !

Our selection of hotel-vouchers
can be found here

further information:
  • about all contract-hotels you will find in our internet-database
  • when you read "how to book"
  • can you require at the following e-Mail address

For quick help, you can give us a call (+49)05141-85011 or email us at info@guta.de .